Posted by: fromthechalkface | 27/03/2010

Ada! Ada!

No, not the dog who played Colin in Spaced, but in recognition of Ada Lovelace Day. I can see the rationale behind it; so much attention is paid to boys in Science lessons on both sides of the pond, yet I often find myself looking to the girls for their methodical approach, and to the first aid kit for the boys’ singed eyebrows.

In that spirit then, and always being fond of a bandwagon, I nominate my three women from the fields of Science and Technology:

1: Dr Maggie Aderin Pocock MBE, space scientist and child-inspirer.
2: Dr Alice Roberts, Palaeopathologist and Osteoarchaeologist.
3: Philippa Forrester for getting a generation of kids (ok, maybe primarily boys) into science via Tomorrow’s World and, of course, Robot Wars.


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